Passivhaus = Passive House here in ‘Merica.  High Performance, net zero design to help minimize the carbon footprint, and maximize the efficiency of our built environment.

Trained as Passive House consultants Chris & Andrew are both mean, lean, energy efficient designing machines.  Each house we design is carefully sited, oriented, formed, energy modeled, and glazed according to the needs and specific features of the site it will inhabit for future generations.

Our buildings have an enormous affect on carbon emissions, much more than automobiles, manufacturing, cow turds, etc., and it is our responsibility as architects, builders, and effectively stewards of our built environment, to design and build the most effective and efficient houses possible.  We strive for the smartest, cheapest, and most livable houses possible.  When it comes to building standards, Passiv Haus focuses on the lifetime energy demands of a building and how to minimize them.  This standard allows us to analyze how much energy is needed to heat / cool / live in a house long before it is built.  We believe this technology / standards will be the future of the building industry, as long as the costs of fossil fuels continue to rise and more efficient, smarter buildings become commonplace.  The Summit Haus was our first ‘Case Study’ of this design philosophy, and effectively became the regions first PassivHaus Pre-Certified home.  We are currently working on the following High Performance homes:

Crest Haus – Our latest and someday greatest home, is in full design development mode and is striving for Passiv Haus certification.  Starting Spring 2016!

Treehaus – our next spec home!  Yep – we’re designing and building to sell this little pup.  Coming to Summit Park start summer ’16.  2,500 square feet of toasty warm, lovely, energy efficient goodness nestled up in a sea of trees as tall as the eagles soar.

Laroche Haus – Pinebrook’s newest abode, a sleek modern interpretation of mountain living, while pushing the efficiencies of the envelope, maximizing views, and soon to be home to some great clients 🙂

Foster Haus – Andrews new digs… right off the Summit Park drag.

Below is our presentation of the Summit Haus given at City Home Collective’s ‘Go Sustainability’ Lounge Night in February 2015.

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